Hi, I'm Kyle and

I'm a health agent.


Kyle was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Being one of five siblings, she cherished the experience of being part of a large family. Apart from her profession, which involved assisting individuals and families in finding the most suitable health insurance plans, she found joy in leading an active lifestyle and exploring different destinations. Whenever they had the opportunity, she and her husband would travel to the UK, his country of origin. In her spare time, Kyle dedicated herself to studying the art of film acting and eagerly participated in numerous projects. Through acting, she learned invaluable lessons about the human experience, developing her ability to connect with and empathize with others, which she believed greatly benefited her career as a health agent and various aspects of her life. She had a deep love for reading and an insatiable curiosity for learning new things, with a lifelong fascination with astronomy. She was the kind of person who couldn’t help but shed tears of joy when encountering an adorable dog and truly appreciated those who could effortlessly quote lines from classic movies.

Five Stars on Google!

Kyle, when she's not working.

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